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RASPBERRIES - posted 6:30 PM Friday Aug 1 - we will be open tomorrow Saturday Aug 2 - picking will be excellent down in the lower field in the second half of the rows - very good elsewhere.  Royalty Purple berries in the upper field are excellent. At this time of year berries are often best under the leaves. 

As I said in Wednesday's post, we will be closed  Sunday and Monday.  Depending on the supply of berries, we will be open a day or two next week - possibly next Saturday.  Check the web for latest info.

Pictures are of the crowd last Saturday - come get your berries now!


RASPBERRIES - posted 7:15 PM Wednesday July 30 - We will be closed tomorrow Thursday July 31 and Friday Aug 1 for more berries to ripen - back open Saturday Aug 2.  Remember there will be no fall berries this year.

The picking will be very good on Saturday, but somewhat fewer berries than last Saturday.  As I said in yesterday's post, we may be open a day or two in the week of Aug 4. 

Sunday Aug 3 & Monday Aug 4 will definitely be closed days because all three daughters and their families will be here.


RASPBERRIES - posted 7:00 PM Tuesday July 29 - we will be open for berry picking tomorrow Wednesday July 30.  There are still plenty of good berries.

We will then be closed Thursday July 31 and Friday Aug 1 for more berries to ripen - back open Saturday Aug 2.

Depending on how many folks come this week and the weather, we may be open a day or two the week of Aug 4.

Remember there will be no fall raspberries this year because of the SWD Asian Fruit Fly that comes on later in the summer, so get your berries now!!  Also, Sylvia will not be selling jam this fall because our supply for the jam came from the fall berries - so think about making your own jam.


RASPBERRIES - posted 10:00 PM Monday July 28 - we will be open for berry picking tomorrow Tuesday July 29 - berries looked very good before today's rain and picking will be very good tomorrow, once we get a couple of hours for the berries to dry off.

If there is enough fruit, we will be open Wednesday as well - then closed Thursday and Friday to allow berries to ripen for Saturday.

Come see us!!


RASPBERRIES - posted 6:45 PM Saturday July 26 - many more good folks came up today and took home lots of berries - we will be closed tomorrow Sunday July 27 and Monday July 28, then reopen Tuesday July 29.

I will post again Monday evening on picking conditions, but it should be good after two closed days.


RASPBERRIES - posted 6:45 PM Friday July 25 - we will open tomorrow Saturday July 26 - picking will be very good.  Come early for best supply of berries. 

Weather forecast is mostly sunny and pleasant, high near 79, slight chance of showers after 2:00 PM.

We will be closed Sunday July 27 and Monday July 28, then reopen Tuesday July 29.


RASPBERRIES - posted 6:30 PM Thursday July 24 - more good folks came today and got lots of berries - closed tomorrow Friday July 25 for more berries to ripen.

Back open Saturday July 26 - picking should be very good - come early for best supply of berries.  We will be closed Sunday July 27 and Monday July 28.


RASPBERRIES - posted 6:30 PM Wednesday July 23 - we will be open for picking tomorrow Thursday July 24.  More berries are ripe - there is good picking out there, but not as many berries as Tuesday.

We will close again Friday July 25 so more berries can ripen - back open Saturday July 26.  So far this season we have been picked out every Saturday by the end of the day, so our likely schedule will be closed Sunday and Monday, back open Tuesday.


RASPBERRIES - posted 6:00 PM Tuesday July 22 - lots of great folks out today - we will be closed tomorrow Wednesday July 23 for more berries to ripen - then back open Thursday July 24.  Weather on Wednesday looks to be 85 degrees and thunder showers - ten degrees cooler on Thursday without the rain - much nicer day for berry picking.

Plan now is to close again on Friday July 25 and be back open Saturday July 26.  Too early to tell about Sunday, but picking will be better for sure on Saturday versus Sunday.


RASPBERRIES - posted 6:00 PM Monday July 21 - we will be back open for picking tomorrow Tuesday July 22 - after our two closed days, there are plenty of berries ripe.  It is forecast to be 80 degrees by noon and 85 at 3:00 PM, so COME EARLY.

As I said Saturday, likely schedule for the balance of the week will be - open Tuesday and Wednesday, probably closed Thursday and Friday - depends on how many people come.  Very likely that Friday will be a closed day.

Some of the Royalty purple raspberries are now ripe - these are excellent for jam cobblers, pies etc.

Come get your berries while the supply is good!!


posted 5:00 PM Saturday July 19 - Temporarily picked out - great crowd today.  We will be closed tomorrow Sunday July 20 and Monday July 21 - back open Tuesday July 22.  In the meantime, visit Rick and Brenda Travers, our neighbors at Wildwood Berry Farm for blueberries and popsicles.

We have found that after a heavy picking day and with the relatively cool weather, it takes two days for more berries to ripen - there are still a lot of orange berries out there, so Tuesday should be good, but since the weather forecast is hot, come early.

No guarantee (depends on the weather and the number of pickers), but our likely schedule next week will be open Tuesday and Wednesday, closed Thursday and Friday.

We plan to be back open Saturday. 

The relatively few tart cherries were picked out today.


RASPBERRIES - posted 6:00 PM Friday July 18 - we will be open tomorrow Saturday July 19 - there are lots of good berries.  As always 1) come early in the day and 2) check the web or FaceBook before you come.

We hope to be open Sunday July 20, but that depends on how many people come Saturday.  Weather forecast for Saturday and Sunday is mostly sunny, high near 80.

Come helps us get the berries harvested!!


RASPBERRIES - posted 7:00 PM Thursday July 17 - there are many berries ripening - still closed tomorrow to have a bigger supply for Saturday (July 19).  It will be a good day for picking - come early - for more berries and cooler temperature.


RASPBERRIES - posted 6:30 PM Tuesday July 15 - we will be open for picking tomorrow Wednesday July 16.  There are good berries out there, especially in the lower field - as usual best picking is early in the day.

We will close Thursday July 17 and Friday July 18 for more berries to ripen for the weekend.

Come see us for some good fruit!!


RASPBERRIES - posted 6:30 PM Monday July 14 - we will be open tomorrow Tuesday July 15.  A lot of berries have ripened over the two and one half days we were closed.  Depending on the weather and how many folks come out tomorrow, we hope to be open Tuesday and Wednesday and then close Thursday and Friday for more berries to ripen for the weekend. 

If we get really big turn out tomorrow, then we will need to close on Wednesday - so 1)  come early in the day and 2) check the web or FaceBook before you come.

Look forward to seeing more good folks.


RASPBERRIES - posted 12:00 PM Saturday July 12 - Temporarily picked out - great crowd this morning - 1'st car at 9:01 AM - 15 cars by 9:45 AM. 

We will be closed this afternoon, Sunday and Monday - back open Tuesday.  We will likely be closed Friday and possibly Thursday for more berries to ripen.  Check the web or FaceBook before you come.

Thanks to all the folks who came up today.


RASPBERRIES - posted 8:45 PM Friday July 11. We open tomorrow for summer raspberries.  Picking is always best early in the day.  Come help us open the 2014 season !!! 

Weather looks better on Saturday than Sunday. National weather forecast is - Saturday - Sunny, with a high near 83. Calm wind becoming southwest around 6 mph in the afternoon.  Great weather for berry picking.

Raspberries are ready at mad Tom Orchard - July 11



RASPBERRIES - posted 7:30 PM Wednesday July 9.  Raspberries are coloring up well and we will open on Saturday July 12.  We should have enough berries to go thru Saturday and Sunday and then close Monday for more berries to ripen.  Hours 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM.  Come see us !!


Posted Sunday July 7 2014 - Some of the raspberries are beginning to show some orange color - season is quite late this year.  Depending on the weather, we might have enough ripe berries to open next weekend (July 12 -13).  We need to have enough ripe fruit so that the first few customers do not pick us out.

There are lots of berries growing, so if we do not open next weekend, then we will start sometime the following week.

 REMEMBER - berries ripen in stages, so we often are open for a couple of days and then have to close for a day or two for more fruit  to ripen, so check the web or FaceBook before you come.  Once we open , I will go to daily posts in the evening.  Also - Mondays are always a closed day for the berries (and the staff) to recover.


Posted Friday June 20 2014

Raspberries have set a lot of good fruit - berries are still very green - there is also still more bloom.  We estimate July 10 is probably earliest berries will be ripe.  Will post again as we get closer to having ripe berries.

Apples are growing well - up to 3/4 inch diameter.  Two grandkids from North Carolina helping with mowing, tree guards, painting raspberry house and more.


Posted Tuesday June 10 2014

OK folks - here is the update on raspberries, apples (and cherries). WE STILL HAVE SUMMER RASPBERRIES.

As many of you know, we had to cut down our fall raspberries last year because of they were infected by larvae of the Asian fruit fly (SWD - Spotted Wing Drosophila). Until the extension service folks come up with a way to control this pest, we will not be growing fall berries.

HOWEVER - we are still definitely in the summer raspberry business !! The fruit fly is most active later in the season and the summer berries should be OK.

The NOVA mid season summer raspberries are coming into bloom and some green berries beginning to form. It will be between 4 and 5 weeks until berries are ripe - depends on the weather - so look for berries sometime between July 8'th to 15'th. I will post updates as they grow.

Tart cherry crop this year is very light. No cherries in 2012 due to early frost and then very heavy crop last year apparently limited the number of new fruit buds formed last year - hence the light crop. The few we have will likely ripen mid July

Picture shows McIntosh apples now 5/8 inch in diameter. The crop looks good overall - we are watching to see how many of the smaller fruits drop off from our weak acid thinning spray so that we will not have to do so much hand thinning.

more pictures and more detail on FaceBook

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We are located on Mad Tom Road 2 1/2 miles from US RT 7 at the East Dorset General Store.  Click for Map  Look forward to seeing you.

Summer  raspberry season is here  - hours 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM - closed Mondays (and other days as needed for fruit to ripen)

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 Apple Picking is fun!  Children love to pick the low fruit and we provide picking poles for ambitious people who want the best from the top.  Picnickers are welcome, and bring your camera to record the fun.  Cider and donuts are available on several weekends.  Raspberries also add to the fall harvest.

    A visit to Mad Tom Orchard is great fun for young and old  

 We are Sylvia and Tom Smith, and we began to restore the Mad Tom Orchard in 1999.  Planted in 1940 by the Parsons family, the orchard was purchased by Tom's dad in 1962, and run for many years as a commercial orchard, then as pick-your-own.  Loss of the airplane spray service  forced the orchard to close in 1997.  We now have pruned over 100 of the best old trees and planted 800 new trees bringing 8 acres back into production.

            Welcome - Sylvia & Tom Smith


The old trees are big and beautiful, and are all McIntosh and Cortland, two premier New England varieties.  The new ones include more of these two old favorites plus Gingergold, Zestar, Sansa, Fuji, Gala, Honeycrisp, Macoun, Empire, Golden Delicious,  Fortune, Northern Spy, and Jonagold.  Fruit is available on the old trees and the new trees as well.   The mountains around us provide the views,  the refreshing breezes, and a perfect spot to enjoy autumn in Vermont. 


Looking south toward Green Peak

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