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Posted Thursday March 20 2014 - It has been a long cold winter but Spring is officially here.  It looks like we will have snow on the ground for another month.  We have been pruning when the weather permits - tending the wood stove or going to spoil grandkids otherwise -  about 450 trees done - about 450 more to go.

It looks like we have a good number of fruit buds - this is step one of many, to get a good crop.  Cold weather above minus 25 degrees does not harm the buds and our lowest this year was minus 16 degrees on January 3'rd.

Picture shows me plus Jilly with our daughter Laura, who came up from North Carolina in February for a break and to do some pruning.  Jilly is an integral member of our pruning team.  It is always a treat to have Laura visit, as well as her sisters who live near Boston.

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We are located on Mad Tom Road 2 1/2 miles from US RT 7 at the East Dorset General Store.  Click for Map  Look forward to seeing you.

Summer  raspberries usually start in early July - watch the web or like us on FaceBook.

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 Apple Picking is fun!  Children love to pick the low fruit and we provide picking poles for ambitious people who want the best from the top.  Picnickers are welcome, and bring your camera to record the fun.  Cider and donuts are available on several weekends.  Raspberries also add to the fall harvest.

    A visit to Mad Tom Orchard is great fun for young and old  

 We are Sylvia and Tom Smith, and we began to restore the Mad Tom Orchard in 1999.  Planted in 1940 by the Parsons family, the orchard was purchased by Tom's dad in 1962, and run for many years as a commercial orchard, then as pick-your-own.  Loss of the airplane spray service  forced the orchard to close in 1997.  We now have pruned over 100 of the best old trees and planted 800 new trees bringing 8 acres back into production.

            Welcome - Sylvia & Tom Smith


The old trees are big and beautiful, and are all McIntosh and Cortland, two premier New England varieties.  The new ones include more of these two old favorites plus Gingergold, Zestar, Sansa, Fuji, Gala, Honeycrisp, Macoun, Empire, Golden Delicious,  Fortune, Northern Spy, and Jonagold.  Fruit is available on the old trees and the new trees as well.   The mountains around us provide the views,  the refreshing breezes, and a perfect spot to enjoy autumn in Vermont. 


Looking south toward Green Peak

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